Volume 15 : 2018

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason, Allison Stanfield i-iv


The responsible use of technological power PDF
Marco Doldi 1-10
Misunderstanding IT: Hospital cybersecurity and IT problems reach the courts PDF
Harold Thimbleby 11-32
Autonomous vehicles – who will be liable for accidents? PDF
Roger Kemp 33-47
The admissibility and authentication of digital evidence in Zanzibar under the new Evidence Act PDF
Alex B. Makulilo 48-59
Electronic evidence in Bulgaria – one step further, one step back PDF
Alexandra Tsvetkova 60-69
Electronic delivery PDF
Tim McCormack 70-74

Case Translations

Case translation: Estonia PDF
Estonia: Case translation 75-91
Case translation: France PDF
France: Case translation 92-94

Case Notes

Case Note: Germany PDF
Germany: Case note 95-97

Case Protective Order

Case Protective Order: United States of America, Central District of California PDF
United States of America, Central District of California Case Protective Order: 98-119

Book Reports

Book Reports PDF
Book Reports 120-133


PhD Research PDF
PhD Research 134-145

Table of Electronic Signature Legislation

World electronic signature legislation PDF
Stephen Mason 146-163

Cumulative Index

Cumulative Index 2004 - 2018 PDF
Cumulative Index 164-276


General Editors and Editorial Board PDF
Volume 15 Credits 277-278

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