Volume 14 : 2017

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason, Allison Stanfield i-iii


A proposed electronic evidence exchange across the European Union PDF
Maria Angela Biasiotti 1-12
Another method of stealing cash from ATMs PDF HTML
Timothy Tion 13-15
Establishing possession, custody and control through electronic baggage tags PDF
Gita Radhakrishna 16-21
‘Mobile Ping Data’ – Metadata for Tracking PDF
Reg Coutts, Hugh Selby 22-25
Forced biometric authentication – on a recent amendment in the Norwegian Code of Criminal Procedure PDF
Ingvild Bruce 26-30
The Garlasco case and the digital alibi evidence: a difficult relationship between law and informatics PDF
Eleonora Colombo 31-38
Network investigative source codes and due process PDF
Brian L. Owsley 39-46
The enforceability of electronic arbitration agreements before the DIFC Courts and Dubai Courts PDF
Omar Husain Qouteshat, Kamal Jamal Alawamleh 47-60

Undergraduate essay

The role of digital signatures in the digitisation of loan documentation in India PDF
Rishabh Sant Tiwari, Deepansh Goyal 61-66

Case Ruling

Case Ruling: England & Wales - R v Cahill; R v Pugh 14 October 2014 PDF
England & Wales Case Ruling: 67-71

Case Translations

Case translation: Estonia PDF
Estonia Case Translations: 72-78
Case translation: Spain PDF
Spain Case Translations: 79-87

Book Reports

Book Reports PDF
Book Reports 88-103


PhD Research PDF
PhD Research 104-115


General Editors and Editorial Board PDF
Volume 14 Credits 116-118

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