Volume 8 : 2011

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason


Rethinking the e-signatures Directive: on laws, trust services, and the digital single market PDF
Hans Graux
The legal regulation of electronic evidence: a pending necessity PDF
Eduardo de Urbano Castrillo
Federated identity management: enabling legal control over digital property in the cloud PDF
Timothy S. Reiniger, Richard J. Hansberger
Electronic evidence in Hungary: a general overview PDF
Gusztáv Bacher, Gábor Faludi (Snr), Gábor Faludi (Jnr), Anikó Keller, Dávid Kerpel, Klara Loranger, Bence Molnár, György Wellmann
Electronic evidence in Latvia: a general overview PDF
Agris Repšs, Ilze Znotiņa
Electronic Evidence in Swiss Criminal Procedure PDF
Bertrand Perrin, Marc Rémy, Romain Roubaty
Electronic evidence in control of and adversely affecting the opposing party: a comparative study of English and Norwegian law PDF
Maria Astrup Hjort
How bank depositors are protected in Japan PDF
Hironao Kaneko
How to abolish the cheque clearing system but keep and improve cheques PDF
Nicholas Bohm, Jack Lang
Trusted computing and the digital crime scene PDF
Yianna Danidou, Burkhard Schafer
Remote forensics and cloud computing: an Italian and European legal overview PDF
Giuseppe Vaciago
Indonesia: the controversy over the Bill concerning lawful interception PDF
Edmon Makarim
Ten years of computer forensic tool testing PDF
Barbara Guttman, James R. Lyle, Richard Ayers
Firmware forensics: best practices in embedded software source code discovery PDF
Michael Barr
Digital watermarks as legal evidence PDF
Maurice Schellekens
Alleged illegal downloading of music: the Danish Supreme Court provides a high bar for evidence and a new line of direction regarding claims for damages and remuneration PDF
Per Overbeck
Electronic evidence in torrent copyright cases PDF
Thomas M. Dunlap, Nicholas A. Kurtz
The Moving Finger: sms, on-line communication and on-line disinhibition PDF
Julien Hofman
Electronic Signatures in Iran PDF
Parviz Savrai
QQ Messenger chat record as criminal evidence in China PDF
Minyan Wang

Practice Notes

Practitioner note: Preserving cyber investigation evidence – the screen tool witness signature PDF
Benjamin Wright
Practitioner note: E-mails cause practical problems for client confidentiality PDF
Iain G. Mitchell

Case Translations

The effect of ‘virtual presence’ in Belgium on the duty to cooperate with criminal investigations: some prudence may be required when confronted with a request from a Belgian public prosecutor PDF
Johan Vandendriessche
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Belgium Case Translation:
Case Translation: Belgium PDF
Belgium Case Translation:
Case Translation: Belgium PDF
Belgium Case Translation:
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Case Translation: Hungary PDF
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Case Note: Italy PDF
Italy Case Note:
Case Note: Singapore PDF
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