Volume 7 : 2010

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason


When the EU qualified electronic signature becomes an information services preventer PDF
Pawel Krawczyk
Cybercrime: Issues and challenges in the United States PDF
B. Lynn Winmill, David L. Metcalf, Michael E. Band
The use of Artificial Intelligence in digital forensics: An introduction PDF
Faye Mitchell
Justice and sheriff: Practical and authoritative methods for the electronic issuance of officially certified documents in the United States PDF
Timothy Reiniger, Jacques R. Francoeur
Problems of legal regulation and investigation of computer crimes in Georgia PDF
Ucha Zaqashvili
Electronic wills in South Africa PDF
Sizwe Snail, Nicholas Hall
Bailiffs on the internet and the validity of their certified reports: Lessons learned from the French and Belgian courts PDF
Tim Van Canneyt, Christophe Verdure
Electronic evidence in the Slovene Criminal Procedure Act PDF
Liljana Selinšek
The burden of proof in the matter of alleged illegal downloading of music in Denmark PDF
Per Overbeck
An overview of some recent case law in Belgium in relation to electronic signatures PDF
Johan Vandendriessche
The latest civil legal proceedings between banks and their customers in China PDF
Armstrong Sheng Chen
The first ‘Trojan Horse’ case prosecuted in China PDF
Jihong Chen, Bing Cheng
The archiving of electronic documents under French law PDF
Sabine Marcellin, Pauline Ascoli
Ukraine: Electronic filing of tax returns PDF
Oleksandr Pastukhov
Hiding illegal content in the SWF format and spreading through social network services: a legal approach PDF
Alexandros Zaharis, Adamantini I. Martini, Christos Ilioudis, Michael Rachavelias
RFID technology and the future – old school fraud in a new wrapper PDF
Johnny Bengtsson

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