Volume 5 : 2008

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Editorial PDF
Stephen Mason


The Singapore Electronic Transactions Act and the Hong Kong Electronic Transactions Ordinance PDF
Daniel Seng
Digital evidence in Brazil PDF
Carlos Alberto Rohrmann, Jason Soares Albergaria Neto
Comments on the Italian ‘Code for the digital administration’ PDF
Franco Ruggieri
Irish Supreme Court extends the scope of electronic discovery: Dome Telecom v Eircom PDF
T. J. McIntyre
Electronic evidence in China PDF
Minyan Wang
The use of electronic digital signatures in banking relationships in the Russian Federation PDF
Olga I. Kudryavtseva
Suppression and the Internet: The ‘cyber memory’ case - a New Zealand response PDF
Ursula Cheer
E-disclosure viewed as ‘sensemaking’ with computers: The challenge of ‘frames’ PDF
Simon Attfield, Ann Blandford
Introducing and working with electronic signatures in mass applications: Notaries and the German commercial register PDF
Dominik Gassen
The E-Notarization Initiative, Pennsylvania, USA PDF
Joan Decker
The proposed international e-identity assurance standard for electronic notarization PDF
Timothy S. Reiniger
The draft International Electronic Notarization Assurance Standard PDF
Notary societies International Forum

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Belgium Case Translation:
Case translation: Belgium PDF
Belgium Case Translation:
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China Case Translation:
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France Case Translation:
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Germany Case Translation:
Case Translation: Germany PDF
Germany Case Translation:
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Austria Case Note:
Case Note: Denmark PDF
Denmark Case Note:
Case Note: Lithuania PDF
Lithuania Case Note:
Case Note: The Netherlands PDF
The Netherlands Case Note:
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Poland Case Note:
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Russian Federation Case Note:
Case Note: Singapore PDF
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Book Reports

Book Report PDF
Book Report

Conference Proceedings

Conference Brochure PDF
London 2008 International Conference on Digital Evidence
Conference Proceedings PDF
London 2008 International Conference on Digital Evidence
Digital forensics in Malaysia PDF
Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin, Izwan Iskandar Ishak
Avoiding disputes regarding electronic evidence: a U.S. perspective PDF
Francis M. Allegra
Toward a new jurisprudence of information retrieval: What constitutes a “reasonable” search for digital evidence when using keywords? PDF
Jason R. Baron
An outline of the French law on digital evidence PDF
Philippe Bazin
The Digital Tower of Babel PDF
Ugo Bechini
Diving into magnetic stripe card skimming devices PDF
Johnny Bengtsson
Models of investigation and processing of digital evidence PDF
Zdeněk Blažek
eDiscovery implications, duties and consequences PDF
Thomas M. Dunlap
A brief overview of Malta, a roman-civil law country, with common law adoption as rules of civil evidence PDF
Patrick J. Galea
Chinese digital evidence law overview and suggestions for multinational enterprises PDF
Chen Jihong
Electronic evidence in Civil Procedure in Japan PDF
Hironao Kaneko
Digital Evidence: An Indian Perspective PDF
Tejas D. Karia
Search and seizure of digital evidence in criminal proceedings PDF
Charles Leacock
The digital economy - where is the evidence? Theoretical and practical problems in understanding digital evidence in Romania PDF
Bogdan Manolea
The EU Data Protection Directive and major factors relied upon by U. S. courts in transborder discovery requests PDF
Daniel W. Perry
Civil search and seizure of digital evidence: the example of the Thai Central IP & IT Court PDF
Jumpol Pinyosinwat
Search and seizure of digital evidence: thresholds and minefields PDF
Ted Scanlan
Caught in the middle: whether to seek help when the organization is the subject of information technology attack PDF
Joseph J. Schwerha

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